Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

Sport Massage Therapist (cc)

Fascial Stretch Therapist™ (FST)

Active Release Techniques® Provider (ART®) 

Acupuncture McMaster University

Certified Yoga Teacher



 “As a professional hockey player, training is an essential part of my summer schedule. Taking care of my body pre-and post-workouts/skates is just as important. Marieta’s skills ensure that my body is ready to perform at an elite level all the time. Whether it was a pre-workout fascial stretch or a post-workout recovery massage / acupuncture session, my body always felt great. Her background as an athlete helps her understand the grind on your body as you prepare for an upcoming season. I look forward to working with Marieta again as I continue to strive to be the best athlete I can be.”

Steven Stamkos
NHL – Tampa Bay Lightning



  • Mobile Therapy / In-home
  • Gary Roberts NHL High Performance Centre
  • Corporate Massage for In-office
  • Sporting Events and Competitions

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As an athlete herself, Marieta understands the physical requirements Stacey treatmentand stressors on our body during training. Her treatments focus on getting her clients to achieve optimal performance, recover faster and prevent injuries.

Although trained as a Registered Massage Therapist first, Marieta’s treatments go above and beyond traditional Swedish Massage Therapy. Her goal of being the most effective and results-oriented practitioner she can be, leads her to continuously partake in post-graduate courses, work with Sports Chiropractors, and gain practical clinical and sports field experience in order to be at the top of her field.

Marieta treats patients with a variety of dysfunctions, but her passion lies in treating athletes. Marieta works with NHL players, Professional Tennis and Squash players, Marathon and Ironman athletes, Rowers, and Rock Climbers.

The following advanced training allows Marieta to treat the dysfunction and not just the symptoms.



  • Active Release Techniques ® (ART) Provider - This technique allows MTTNMarieta to break down scar tissue and adhesions, increase range of motion, eliminate nerve entrapments, which may have lead to tingling and numbness, and to reduce pain in her patients.
  • Medical Acupuncture McMaster University – A career-changing course led her to acquire an entirely new skill set of how to assess her patients from a neurofunctional approach. Marieta gained the understanding of the anatomical, neurological, and physiological mechanisms of musculoskeletal problems and dysfunctional movement patters. Through the use of acupuncture needles, she can target muscles, nerves, nerve roots and joint capsules to increase blood flow, activate muscles, decrease pain sensitization, and break down adhesions.
  • Fascial Stretch Therapy™(FST) – Table-based assisted stretching modality to mobilize and manipulate the connective tissue surrounding muscles,  joints and bones to rapidly decrease or eliminate pain, enhance overall nervous system function, increase strength and mobility and improve balance.
  • Athletic, Kinesiology and Clinical Taping –  Taping can be used for a number 2015-02-06 15.00.57of reasons, including, stabilization of a joint for either performance or injury, facilitate or inhibit muscular patterns, and assist in postural awareness.
  • Certified Yoga Teacher – She draws on her knowledge of yoga poses and other studies to provide her clients with effective self-care exercises.
  • Sports Emergency First Responder - Allows her to be a field-of-play therapist at sporting events. Some of the events Marieta was a therapist at include:
    • - Toronto Climbing (Bouldering) World Cup – Canadian Team Sports Therapist
    • - Canadian National Diving Championships – Sports Massage Therapist
    • - 2015 Pan Am Games – Host Medical and Emergency Sport First Responder
    • - York Racquet Club Invitational ProAm Tennis Tournament – Sports Massage Therapist


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