Athletic Taping Course


  Climbing has always been more than just my passion. It’s my lifestyle. Even through my ups and downs, breaks and burnouts, I always came running back.   But I’ve NEVER targeted the climbing industry for my Sports Performance Therapy business.   I’ve been working…

Florida bat hang

Overcoming Mental Failures To Climb 5.14b

Certainly we’ve all been up a climb or a boulder problem multiple times before sending, and the only thing holding us back was our head. We can all train to be physically strong but we often underestimate the power of our mind in emotional, stressful…

2014-09-08 13.52.11

Reaching New Levels – First 5.14a

I had my eyes set on two classics, Ixeia and Geminis. Geminis being the least wet was the first one I projected. Watching Dani Andrada with rags and newspapers on his crux holds go for the send of his project was enough of an inspiration….

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Spain Part 1

For many before and after me, Spain is a climbers dream destination. A place I’ve  wanted to sport climb at since I was a teen. Solo road trip to America was daunting enough, but a solo trip to Europe was inconceivable. Meeting trustworthy partners was…


Rifle Mountain Park

Rifle, the place so well known for so many reasons became my home for a part of this summer. Somehow with a large itinerary ahead of me when I took off, I kept being drawn back here. With small trips here and there, the first…


Leaving the Fear Behind and Hitting the Road to America!

It was nearly six months before my departure that I had decided I was embarking on a trip across the US to climb at some of America’s best summer crags. I had longed for this road-trip since my return to climbing. I found multitude of…


The Battle Within

Every ending is an opportunity for a new beginning. With my competition season coming to an end I have finally had some time to not only reflect on this season but also look forward to all the opportunities ahead of me. This season began in…


Toronto World Cup

This was my second year attending the Toronto Bouldering World Cup and I felt like it past as quickly as it came, but not without full packed action. Right after the World Cup I am heading on an extended road-trip across the US where I…


The Journey Along the Way

It’s been three years since I returned and I still get asked why I took such a long hiatus from climbing. Many climbers that I grew up with knew I had my fare share of burnouts. Training to compete at a high level at a…