DSC_1161Marieta began climbing and competing in Toronto, Canada in 1994 and soon became one of the most accomplished competition climbers in Canada. Growing up in the competition scene, she has consistently been a member of the Canadian Team both as a youth and adult. Marieta won her first Youth National Championship and North American Championships in 1995, became the first Canadian to make finals at a Youth World Championship in 1997 and won her first Adult Bouldering National Championship in 2001.

In 2005, Marieta switched gears and focused on building a career in Finance, which led her to a six-year break from climbing. Knowing she couldn’t sustain a sedentary lifestyle, she left the corporate world and in 2011 became a Registered Massage Therapist, in hopes of reuniting with her rock climbing passion and leading an active lifestyle.

In 2013 and 2014, Marieta focused on climbing competitions in Canada and attended a number of Bouldering World Cups. In order to make the Canadian Team after such a long break, she had to put a tremendous amount of time and dedication to her training and balance it with the massage clientele she was building as a full-time heath care provider.

DSC_1204Marieta’s return to climbing was through competitions but her true passion lies in the outdoors. 2014 was a breakthrough year for her when she left everything behind in Toronto and hit the road to Rifle, Colorado, where her tick-list impressed even the locals. Arriving fresh off a bouldering competition season, endurance wasn’t in Marieta’s skill set.

Her lack of endurance didn’t hold her back for long. In a matter of weeks Marieta moved from 5.13a to 5.13d, knocking down famous climbs like Tomb Raider (5.13d), Spray-A-Thon (5.13c), and a First Female Ascent of Eulogy (5.13a). The local Colorado crew had their eyes set on Marieta; not only because of the grades she was sending, but also because of the accelerated rate she was completing them in, averaging five-to-eight tries per climb.

Marieta’s success in Colorado led her to booking a trip to Spain in the fall where she made headlines in North America and Europe, when she became the fifth Canadian woman to climb 5.14a (8b+) after completing Geminis. Five days later, Marieta did it again and sent her second 5.14a, Ixeia. And two weeks later, became the third Canadian woman to climb 5.14b (8c) when she sent Florida.

When Marieta isn’t pushing her climbing to her limits on the rock, she is focusing on building her Health Care practice. She is the Owner and Founder of Toronto based Marieta Akalski Sports Performance Therapy. She continuously attends courses to enhance her soft-tissue skills in order to provide the most effective and results-oriented treatments.

To follow Marieta’s climbing adventures follow her Athlete Page.